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It is something that many people deal with every daily. There are times when it gets to an extent that you are required visit your dermatologist or doctor to find the cause of what’s happening on some area of your skin. Most of the time there is a chance that you’ll Google it yourself and be met with two glaringly identical diagnoses: eczema as well as the psoriasis. Both have much to do flaking and dry skin, however, they differ fundamentally in their causes and treatments. The question is, what are the main differences between these two skin conditions? This video will clarify the difference between psoriasis and the eczema condition, and the signs.

While eczema and Psoriasis might look identical, they’re actually not. Both are known to cause skin irritations such as the itching, dryness, and reddening. It can be seen most often in the knees, elbows and on the fingernails. Eczema on the other side is more dry and it is typically found everywhere the body bends. Psoriasis and eczema are both genetic conditions that can be passed down from one generation to the next. It is for this reason that environmental and genetic elements crucial to determining which people are affected by the skin disorder.


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