What Does it Cost to Open a Real Estate Company? –

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what kind of investments? How much do they cost? Find out more in this video. This is a brief overview aspects of the cost of starting real estate companies.
Real Estate License

Costs vary by state and can range between $100 and $500, based upon where you live. It is important to be aware of the fact the states that require the completion of licensing courses and pass an exam before being licensed; this increases the price.

Office Space

Anyone who is planning to rent a space in an office will need an area for guests. There are a variety of options available for renting offices. It is important to consider paying around $1-2 per sqft per month to get something more lavish. If someone can find 100 square feet for lease, the monthly cost could easily be upwards of $1,200 per month!


Many people work from their home without requiring a lot of tools. However the real estate companies should have the necessary equipment. This will add to the expense when starting a real-estate business. Contact home for more details.


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