The Best Political Training You Will Ever Find

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Political marketing firms

The phrase “political communication” has been described by the geniuses Robert E. Denton and Gary C. Woodward as the attempt of politicians to sway the public in their favor. Although it is perplexing that it took two people to come up with what amounts to an obvious definition for the phrase, it seems to work for the purposes of branding politico.

Although most people find just about anything to do with politics more annoying than intriguing, it is interesting how political marketing firms utilize similar techniques as online advertising companies. You do not really have to think too hard to see the parallels between marketing consumer products and advertising politicians and their agendas. Not quite ironically, this is fitting, since the typical politician is nothing more than a widget spouting whatever rhetoric and propaganda that will help them get into office.

This should not come as any surprise, because marketing strategies have been a part of politics since John Fitzgerald Kennedy handily defeated Richard Milhous Nixon. If you remember or have heard about the 1960 U.S. Presidential race, you probably know how the political marketing definition grew out of that campaign.

You see, if you think of each candidate as a “product” being advertised by people working political marketing jobs, Kennedy was the clear favorite based on looks alone. Right there, the marketing and branding politico was established. Since that time, superficial appearance has been almost as important as the rhetoric coming out of each candidate’s mouth.

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