A Walk In Clinic Can Provide Needed Medical Services

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There are many good reasons to consider a walk in clinic. These urgent care facilities can provide immediate medical care for non life threatening ailments. These conditions can include lacerations, strains and sprains, fractures, upper respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal distress, and other such conditions.

These walk in clinics are a great alternative to visiting an emergency room if the condition is not life threatening. The Urgent Care Association of American states that more than 80 percent of patients at walk in clinics wait 15 minutes or less. Additionally, and estimated 80 percent of all urgent care visits in the United States take 60 minutes or less.

In addition to a shorter wait time, these walk in clinics can often cost much less than an ER visit. The typical urgent care facility visit will cost around $150, while a visit to an emergency room can cost around $1,500.

Walk in clinics usually have a staff that comprises physicians, nurses, and physicians assistance. Most will have a doctor on site at all times. In addition to emergency services, many of these clinics offer other routine medical procedures. They can offer routine physicals, X rays, lab services, and regular vaccinations such as flu shots.

These walk in clinics are especially convenient when these accidents and illness occur after a doctors regular office hours making him unavailable. You can receive treatment at a 24 hr urgent care center and then follow up with your regular physician.

It is interesting to note here that the increase in the number of walk in clinics is because of the increasing caseload of primary care physicians. This increase means that there are usually longer wait times, scheduling difficulties, and less time spent with patients.

THE IBIS World Research organization states that the U.S. urgent care industry is estimated to be worth $15 billion in annual revenue. And, there are approximately 160 million walk in clinic visits each year in the United States.

Because of the convenience and lower costs provided by walk in clinics, it is a good idea to know where your local clinic is located. This way you will be covered no matter when an accident or illness strikes.
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