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The YouTube channel Daddykirbs Farm showed how consumers could make lemon powder using the rinds of a lemon in a YouTube video called How to Make Lemon Powder-Homemade Diy Seasoning.

Start by washing several lemons and draining them in a colander. Peel off the rinds and skins using a potato peeler or your hands and put them in a bowl. Save the lemon pulp set aside to use later. Utilize the lemon pulp to form a heap. Place a baking pan with parchment sheet. Place the peels in a uniform manner over the baking pan. Bake the lemon peels in the oven for about 24 hours, until they’re firm and dry. Another method to dry the peels is to use the microwave. The peels can be placed on an uncooked plate, or lay them on the paper towels. The microwave should be used for between 12 to 15 minutes over moderate heat.

Allow the peels of lemons to get cool in the fridge or in the oven prior to removing their microwave. Utilizing a blender, food processor, or grinder, crush the lemon peels into a powder. The lemon powder can be stored in glass or plastic containers.

Use lemon powder in salad dressings and dips over vegetables, in baking recipes, yogurt and as a substitute for the lemon zest. You can mix this powder together with other spices to make an emulsion of spices.


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