The Legal Aspects of Shipping by Rail Why Regulations Need to Be Brought Into the 21st Century – What Is Legal Advice

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Motor and automobiles as well as all their parts Construction materials and other chemicals. Miscellaneous equipment Food metals, minerals and other chemicals Paper and rag

The lower ‘half’ rail freight is the intermodal part that uses easily transferable shipping containers that carry consumer goods and various other items. Let’s now look at specific shipping companies as well as questions of law that come with the transportation of rail freight.

Medical Supplies

The transportation of medical equipment, which includes large CT and X-ray machines needs knowledge and understanding on the regulations of transportation by rail. Some packages may contain hazardous substances, and must be packed and shipped in accordance with federal and state guidelines. If the item is shipped internationally, extra steps including vapor-barrier bags, particular moisture removal methods activated desiccants, as well as various other precautions may be required in order to adequately protect your possessions. The shipping service or company must be aware of the regulations of foreign countries pertaining for medical supplies that are shipped. It is essential to use certified packaging if you ship hazardous material. It can be difficult to find a shipper or packer with the right qualifications to handle medical equipment, for example, radioactive material or medical waste.

Construction Materials

Post frame construction components (like pole barns) and their components often spend at least part of their travel to customer on the rail system. The other construction materials are as well. No matter what the size of parts like trusses or the structure itself, shipping requirements must meet states and federal regulations.


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