How to do Large Format Printing – Business Training Video

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Printing is on the rise. An organization’s image is getting more prominent the larger the print. When printing large-format items it’s important to ensure that the resolution is high. There are a range of print materials for big format objects, including cloths, plastics as well as coated and non-coated papers. Get more information about large-format printing.

First, decide on the materials you wish to use for the large image. It is ideal to create the design you would like the final product to turn out. You also need to define the size of the large format print and design art that is in line with the dimensions of the print. The print must be of the highest resolution on your artwork so that it is not getting distorted by the size.

In the next step, align the design to the pressing. The toner is then run through numerous large nozzles. Ink is directly applied onto the item and dried with UV light. The use of UV light to dry ink speeds up the drying process and produces high-quality prints. Go to the hyperlink above for an easy-to-follow tutorial for creating large-format prints. 6roqpdqawa.

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