New to Plumbing? Avoid These Mistakes – Great Conversation Starters

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If you’re trying something brand new, it’s best to consult a professional. There are times when you have to make the effort to seek out some guidance. Don’t have to do it the hard way. This video will help you understand what to look for in common errors in plumbing and what to take action to fix them.

Many people do not think twice about joining copper and steel piping. It’s a bad choice. It’s not a good idea. Thus, you’ll need to be consistent with your piping in your project, or you can use a dielectric joining piece to link both types of piping.

Another common mistake is wrapping Teflon tape in a clockwise direction around the fitting. This makes it easy for it to tear and to come unraveled all on its own. It can also result in the fitting falling out. If not fixed, this can lead to some serious leaks. This could lead to further problems. It is very easy to make one problem into many, like dominoes that are knocking each other over. The key is to fix the issue correctly first time.


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