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There are some drawbacks for tankless water heaters but many benefits. The majority of homeowners should make the tankless heater their most recent plumbing item. In this video, see some common tankless water heater myths debunked.

A common misconception about tankless water heaters revolves around their inability to work in cold climates. At the beginning of the 90’s they might have had this to be accurate. Today, they can be used in any weather, thanks to advances in technology. Water heaters are a myth. can’t be verified is yet another myth. Yet, they have been in use for longer than one may realize. Though they were introduced to the American market in the 90’s, they have been used in Japan for a long time. So, you can find an abundance of information when you look at the Japanese market of tanks-less water heaters.

Another myth claims that tankless water heaters are more expensive. They may save money, but they are not cheap. Water heaters with these features last longer and much more efficient than traditional ones. This results in significant reductions in costs.


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