8 Considerations to Make in Your Small Home Addition Plans

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In a rural location and have a large amount of agricultural land, you don’t require a fence. If you are considering a privacy fence for your yard and is more than six feet high it will require an approval. If your fence is less than six feet, you won’t require one. If you plan to install an privacy fence around your backyard, permit regulations may be different. You are better off knowing upfront whether you require an permit rather than to be waiting for issues later. Contractors should manage permits.
Get to know the Arborist

It is possible to find trees and other vegetation in your area in the area where your new home will be built. Make sure all of this vegetation is removed prior to beginning building the new addition. Professionals may be needed to remove trees that you aren’t worried about losing.

There is a possibility that you’re not interested in the trees any more and simply need tree removal. Whichever way you choose to tackle it, you must ensure an expert is handling the work for you. Trees being removed require careful. It is not advisable to simply remove the trees, but you should ensure that all roots and branches are removed. The last thing you want is for that the roots cause troubles later.

Decide Whether to Add HVAC

With even small extension plans, you will require some decisions concerning your electrical or plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. They may need to be connected for the connection to your new home. These may create some problems. You have an electrical service panel for these kinds of systems. However, it could not be large enough to accommodate an increase. Your current heating and air conditioning systems may not be large enough to support a larger space.

To determine whether your current system is powerful enough, your contractor should conduct a maths calculation.


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