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They often require a bucket truck escort for safety.

What are bucket trucks then? A bucket truck can be described as a car equipped with a boom hydraulic with oversized bucket to lift the workers into challenging areas. Like, for instance, bucket trucks are used for phone line maintenance , as well as for building construction.

Bucket trucks respond to many different types of calls. Other than planned maintenance the bucket trucks are often contacted by emergencies, trouble calls as well as structure fire calls as well as 911 calls. When responding to these types of calls, a bucket truck will be employed to take the bucket truck to respond quickly and safely.

To tackle a myriad of jobs bucket trucks are equipped with an array of tools and equipment. There are ropes, harnesses, the use of wire dispensers, transformer slings, handling hooks, and pole slings. Based on the purpose for which the bucket truck’s purpose is primarily, these tools as well as equipment might differ.

For more information about the bucket truck, what bucket trucks can do, or what equipment they have, watch the video above!


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