Installing Vinyl Siding – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

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Vinyl siding can change the appearance of your house without needing to paint. Vinyl siding is a top option for builders and homeowners because of its durability affordable, as well as the ease of use. In the video below, you will learn how vinyl siding can be installed.

Starting with the soffit, use nail lengths from J-channel to the outer edge of the fascia board. The channel conceals the cut edges between the fascia and soffit. Nail slots can be found across all siding components and the soffit. Use nail holes in the slots in order to let the heads expand and keep the heads in place from 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch. Do not nail any items to the ground too tight. You will need to cut each piece in a separate way to correspond to the span , since 12 feet lengths of soffit material are readily available. After the corner diagonal pieces are put in, trim the remainder of lengths left from soffit material to 1/4 inch below the maximum span and press them into channel. When the soffit is in place take the gutter off and place the preformed lengths fascia covering under the gutter’s apron. Use pre-painted or 4D galvanized nails for attaching the fascia’s upper part. Be careful not to overdo it. One nail for a few feet suffices. 34c2ll2sh3.

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