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A fresh coat of paint is an ideal way to transform your home. Paint not only transforms your home, but it’s also the perfect excuse to clean each nook and cranny of your home. The most difficult part of painting your house is selecting right colors. However, many homeowners find themselves struggling to finish the project. A few people seek out professional help or DIY to save money. if you are part of those who DIY, there are some small tips and tricks that you must know before trying your hand at paint your walls. The video below will go over all the basics that every painter must know prior to beginning a new painting project.

To cover 400 sq. feet, you will require 1 gallon of paint. Nothing can be more frustrating than running out of paint within the middle of the project. Then, make sure you finish the wall by priming it and making sure it’s prepared for painting. The use of a cut bucket is perfect for starting with the walls’ edges. Painter’s tape is a great option to hide the edges. Make sure not to glob paint in corners. Roll your paint with a consistent speed, being careful not to roll too fast.


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