Worst Police Sketch Ever? – Entertainment Videos

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portant job. The police take the information provided by witnesses and turn the descriptions into sketches police may use to in identifying the suspect. In this clip we will show possibly the worst police sketch of all time.

News coverage focused on someone who is wanted within Lancaster Pennsylvania. He was alleged to have robbed a business and was being urged people to look out for the person responsible. They simply displayed the sketch of the officer the screen. The image that was displayed next was stunning. It was simply a illustration of the criminal but with only a few lines. It was like looking as if some grade-school student sketched the sketch. The anchor tried to play it cool. Before continuing, he paused and described this suspect “having nostrils”. The suspect was also wearing hair and an hat. The suspect didn’t have much to say. In the aftermath of this story The news anchor receives word that the police have successfully captured the criminal. He then chimes in “thanks for the sketch, no doubt.” Whatever the case, whether the sketch was genuine or not, the person may require a bail bond service.


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