Lady Finds Live Animals in Dumpster – Entertainment Videos

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You can do it either accidentally or in a deliberate approach. Also known as dumpster diving, either accidentally or intentionally. It’s generally viewed as an offence by most cultures. However, one lady used dumpster diving to expose a questionable business practice and advocate for changing the way things are done. This video will show you the way a woman discovered living animal carcasses in the trash.

A lady makes regular visits to various PetSmart dumpster. It is possible that you are wondering the reason she does this. It’s because she realized that PetSmart is tossing out live fish, crickets, shrimps, and snails. She shows the camera an empty bag with an angel fish inside. It is returned the next day and comes across a goldfish live in the trash as well. Also, she finds crickets as well as snails the next day. Although she considered going to the market but was worried that the fish would be taken and discard them. The fish are saved and she takes them either to her aquarium for rehabilitation , or she gives the fish to family members with the capacity to care for them.


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