What Your Contractor Will Do For You – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

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Ir particular duty is to oversee the work, from beginning to end.

The person who owns the building, or even the director of the construction company can hire general contractors. The general contractor may not be capable of doing all task. The company also employs subcontractors who can do the electrical work, plumbing and more. Subcontractors are trained to perform a specific job at their specific level.

Which are the primary duties and responsibilities of general contractors?

GC oversee the job website. The primary function of GC is to manage jobsites. Subcontractors should be executed promptly in the hands of contractors. Contractors ensure that they perform their work with utmost precision. They also make sure that they are able to complete the work efficiently and safely. GC employs and manages subcontractors. Contractors are not able to complete the work on their own. Subcontractors have to be correctly placed. They also inspect the site for timeliness and quality. GC handles permits and licences required for the project. Contractors also are responsible for processing permits, and obtaining licences. All are also licensed and legally controlled by the authorities.

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