Ins and Outs of Waste Water Treatment – Home Improvement Videos

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stage involves the water going through grid barriers that block huge solid objects from going through the pipe. These include bottles, aluminum cans, etc.

The primary treatment process begins with the process of removing grit and other particles. This leads to the tank that is sucked up, in which Feces and other solid waste materials settle to the lowest point. The term sludge is used to describe it.

Scum is made up of soaps and oil that increases to the top, and then settles inside the tank. Scum gets skimmed off and the sludge removed using an axe every few days. Clarified water is that water which continues to flow.

The secondary treatment process gets rid of biological and organic waste. The aeration tank serves to dissolve organic material. The water is then pumped into the clarifier, where waste that has been activated gets buried down to the bottom.

After the clarifier has completed, the water is moved to a chlorinator tank. The water is then transferred back to the main supply of water.


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