What is a Home Energy Assessment? – Home Improvement Videos

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Ron Hazelton, Good Morning America’s home improvement editor , and TV host, shares his reasons for why the importance of energy audits is clear.

Your energy company’s local representative can conduct an energy audit. It is designed to identify where your house is wasting energy. If you are aware of the ways in which energy is going to waste, then you’ll be able to start to eliminate the loss.

It is a lengthy process to conduct house energy audits. It is due to equipment must be installed by technicians. The tests assess how well doors keep air out, as well as using smoke wands to check air leaks around the fireplace dampers, light fixtures windows, doors, electrical outlets, and around HVAC and cooling ducts. Then, repairs or changes can be made to reduce the air leaks which lead to the increase in energy bills for cooling and heating.

Additionally, pipes are inspected for leaks of air. If gaps are found that are not sealed, they are filled with foam. If electrical outlets are discovered that leak air will have foam inserts installed. Each of these changes will pay for themselves in the end by lowering your energy bills. 3hosxtzcpu.

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