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What’s the point of fertilizing if all the nutrients required to grow plants exist already in the soil or the air? Certain plants cannot utilize the crucial elements found in soil or air. It’s dependent on where the plant is located, so it may require a different type of fertilizer.
The ideal time to fertilize landscaping plants is when they begin to grow rapidly. The most detrimental time for fertilizing plants is near the end of their growing season. In the case of trees, they begin to thrive and wake up in spring and are usually fertilized in February and March.
The majority of shrubs produce active growth through the spring months and the early summer, therefore the fertilizing companies tend to fertilize them again around March or April.
In addition, be aware that granular fertilizers do not go away from soil as quickly as water-soluble fertilizers. However, water-soluble fertilizers are more efficient and effective, but they are more transient, which suggests they must be administered frequently than the granular variety.

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