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Hood employees Garage Door Service discuss the raffle. The hosts thank everyone who played in the lottery and declare that the winner will be awarded 500 dollars plus $500 donated to charity of their choice. Patsy Bates, who is a Texas local, was named the winner on the show by the hosts. Her prize will be delivered to her home by Neighborhood Garage Door Service.
Patsy is a lady in her 20s who lives in a clean home . She is thrilled when lottery people who visit her deliver balloons or flowers at her door. She expresses gratitude to the reps and tells them she’s delighted to have been lucky enough to win the lottery using her southern accent. St. Jude is her selected charity. It’s a hospital for research that helps children who are afflicted with cancer. This is where the gift of $500 will go.
The hosts hand Patsy balloons and flowers, and shoot photos of her. Patsy laughs and says that she’s already shared the news with everyone she knows and she plans to share her pictures on Facebook. As they say goodbye everybody is content. The movie ends with ads of Neighborhood Garage Door Service, Community First Charity Drive and various other methods to get people to buy and give. It’s not difficult to figure out why the viewers are attracted by the video and want to know more.
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