Day: October 29, 2021

How Is a Sewer Camera Actually Used? – Skyline Newspaper

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These cameras in reducing the necessity to dig up and open pipes, can quickly diagnose problems, and help spot the signs of problems to prevent further destruction to pipes. This is how the Home Depot uses these tiny cameras.

Although plumbers may repair the sewer camera for pipes you may also rent them from The Home Depot. If you are using a sewer camera, ensure that you’re equipped with safety gear, like safety glasses or working gloves. Dressing in clothing that could get into the equipment isn’t a wise idea. You can use a drain cleansing machine or water jet for cleaning the drains.

The camera can be gently moved down the drain. Don’t force the camera around the corners. For a visual indication of an obstruction, look at the display. Don’t force your camera to travel past an obstruction if it is clearly visible. The camera must be moved back to the top. Most sewer video cameras come with a recording option, which allows you to inform your plumber of the location where the blockage, similar to the roots of a tree is. Plumbers can also look at the entire footage to search for hairline cracks, sagging pipes, or any other indications of damage to pipes.

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