Day: November 8, 2013

Five Quick Tips for Building Your Brand as a Blogger

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Bloggers are everywhere. The guy with the Buddy Holly glasses behind the MacBook in Starbucks is a blogger. The girl on the park bench in rain boots with an iPad is a blogger. The person in the mirror can easily become a blogger, too, with the right mindset.

Creating a blog is easy, but maintaining one is hard. Bloggers around the world have poured their time and energy into sustaining viable blogging operations, and in order to find success for yours, you’ll have to learn to do the same. Here are five important bits of blogger news to remember as you begin to build your brand online.

Go viral, keeping it simple.

This isn’t LiveJournal we’re talking about. You’re joining the ranks of the best bloggers on the web, so appreciate your position by learning what an ideal post looks like. Hint: It’s more like a tweet than a novel. You want your ideas to spread, so make them short, succinct and simple in order for maximal viral value. Be bold, be catchy and be yourself, th Read More