Why People Love Jackson Hole Wyoming Real Estate So Much

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Jackson hole commercial real estate

Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate is quite the hot commodity these days, with a prime location near the National Elk Refuge, the continent’s largest. In fact, residents of Jackson head to the town square each May to participate in the Boy Scouts’ annual elk auction, which is the world’s only public auction. During the event, antlers that have been collected naturally by Boy Scouts are up for auction, with proceeds going toward the refuge’s program to feed elk.

This strong sense of community is often what draws people toward purchasing Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate, but it by no means is the sole reason they purchase Jackson Hole homes for sale, including Jackson Hole luxury homes and Jackson Hole land for sale. By and large, these residents are choosing to live here because of the area’s relatively low population, which stands at around 9,710 according to 2011 estimates. In fact, the entire state of Wyoming is pretty low on the population scale, coming in at approximately 563,000 state residents, making it the second lowest densely populated state in the nation. They like the slow pace of life that Jackson hole real estate epitomizes, and they love too that the typical commute is a whopping 12 minutes long too. For these reasons and more, Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate opportunities are being snatched up by residents and developers, since Jackson Hole commercial real estate is quite popular in its own right, for much of the same reasons as explained above.
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