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Vapor electronic cigarettes

Many smokers have come to discover that their habit is not as socially acceptable as it used to be. There are many alternatives that have come along in the wake of so much negative press about the impact smoking has on the health of the smoker. It is worth noting that while traditional cigarettes are becoming less acceptable to smoke in public, you can still enjoy smoking alternatives that allow you to enjoy your habit without violating anti smoking rules.

A water vapor cigarette is an excellent example of an alternative. When you use a water vapor cigarette, you will be able to enjoy a nicotine buzz without the harmful effects of a traditional cigarette and its smoke. The byproduct of a water vapor cigarette is much safer than that of a traditional cigarette that is filled with additives and paper filters.

The cost of water vapor cigarette is well worth it over time. Rather than having to buy a pack every time that you run out of a traditional cigarette, you simply need to buy a refill pack to go in your vapor cigarette unit. The unit itself will cost about the same as a carton of cigarettes. Refills cost about as much as a pack of high end cigarettes.

What this means for you is that the savings will pile up over time as you enjoy a water vapor cigarette. A single refill can last for as long as a dozen packs. You also get to enjoy taking a small puff off of your vapor cigarette any time that you feel the need. You will not have to excuse yourself from wherever you are to go to a place where you are allowed to smoke, and then spend several minutes smoking the cigarette until the butt.

Rather, you can quickly take a few puffs off of your water vapor cigarette and get your fix. You can then stole the cigarette in your pocket until you feel ready for another puff any time later in the day. This convenience is another incredible benefit to smoking from a water vapor cigarette. They may not be allowed in enclosed spaces such as an airplane or a train, but you can still take a quick puff off of a vapor cigarette inside most restaurants and bars this beats having to stand outside in the cold just just so that you can enjoy a smoke.
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