Enforcing a Drug Free Workplace Policy

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If you are wondering how best to enforce a drug free workplace policy, there are a number of third parties available to handle any necessary testing, et cetera. However, since potential civil liberties issues may come into play, it does help to consult an attorney prior to hiring any third party to help you carry out your drug free workplace policy in general. Make sure that there is no coercion going on, and that your chosen contractor in this field is known for their respectful and professional demeanor towards those they are working with.

Once you have had a chance to straighten out the legalities, et cetera of enforcing your drug free workplace policy legally and fairly, go ahead and search the web for mobile drug testing facilities in and around your general metro area. Read over the results carefully, and then search the web for reviews of any mobile drug testing provider that seems particularly promising. Once you are convinced that your drug free workplace policy contractor candidates are indeed everything that you are looking for, go ahead and contact each of these facilities in turn for quotes on their services. Make sure that these estimates are in writing whenever possible, and then choose the facility that offers you the best deal overall.

From there, make arrangements to remind your employees of the drug free workplace policy you currently have in effect, and then let them know that your drug testing contractor of choice will be arriving on site at a certain date and time. Explain any other aspects of this visit clearly in these memos, and offer your contractor that was hired to enforce the drug free workplace policy the space they need to work. With any luck, all should be well, and the appointment should run smoothly!

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